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Accounting & Assurance

Identify, collect and formulate.

Accounting standards are on the rise. It is important to get the services that fit your needs and not be burdened by over complicated procedures. At NCCA, We offer a range of Accounting & Assurance services designed from modular to full serives.


Analysis, assist and empower.

Accurate information is a critical component of business. Increases in technology has created an atmosphere of information overload. It is important to filter out the unnecessary and formulate accurate opinions to foster growth. At NCCA, We supply sound, accurate and timely consulting services tailored to your unique situation.



Using specific analysis we can break down tough goals into smaller, more manageable ones; in the process discovering different scenarios that permit different taxation frameworks. At NCCA, our services are designed to help find the best taxation scenario for you.

With a composed view of people, strategy, technology and mechanisms paired with our deeply rooted knowledge in industry, we become a part of your team to understand and appreciate your business

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NCCA has gone to extensive lengths to analyze various markets and industries, the players that constitute those markets, and may other factors. All this hard work has allowed us to look subjectively across all industries giving us the ability to give valuable advice.

Some of the industries include, but are not limited too:

About Us

NCCA is an accounting firm with its’ head office located in Calgary, Alberta. Since our establishment we have instituted high standards and build on them to develop a strong foundation. Our pursuit of excellence has allowed us to accumulate over 60 years of industry experience.

Our clients include private companies, partnerships and owner managed businesses in various industries. Traditionally we excel in small to medium sized corporations with head offices based in Western Canada….