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About NCCA

NCCA” is the brand under which NCCA LLP operates.


About NCCA Chartered Professional Accountants

NCCA Chartered Professional Accountants, (“NCCA“)  is an accounting firm with its’ head office located in Calgary, Alberta. Since our establishment, we have instituted high standards and build, on them to develop a strong foundation. Our pursuit of excellence has allowed us to accumulate over 60 years of industry experience.

Our clients include private companies, partnerships and owner managed businesses in various industries. Traditionally we excel in small to medium sized corporations with head offices based in Western Canada. Currently, we have extended into new facets of our industry to accommodate a larger client base. Our expansion has allowed us to develop a large picture of the economy which in turn allows us to give more accurate advice in a timelier manner.

Our firm has been engaged in numerous projects and in various industries that required us to perform specific accounting procedures and provide a special audit report on the findings. We have tailored our audit plans to meet the specific requirements of the clients as well as meeting the requirements as set out by CPA Canada.

Our staff is professional, client service oriented, hands-on, with strong and varied industry backgrounds. The demographics of the firm are a combination of professionals, articling students, technicians and support staff. The combination of various positions within our firm allows us to quickly and accurately identify our clients’ needs, wants and desires and present our clients with the tools they need to succeed.

Additionally, NCCA is a registered training office for students enrolled in The CPA Western School of Business (CPAWSB) Professional Education Program. We recognize the need for us to help cultivate the students to have a successful future. It is our responsibility to instill key core values into our students and grow these values to develop successful and reputable Chartered Professional Accountants.

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