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Mission Statement

Our Mission




Our Mission

We envision our firm operating under the following mission statement:

“Our firm’s ultimate goal is to promote the financial wellbeing and success of both you and your family. Therefore, we consider ourselves to be the Wealth Builders. The term Wealth Builder symbolizes our dedication to maximize you and your family’s wealth as quickly as possible, without compromise of lifestyle. NCCA can achieve this goal by utilizing all current accounting and financial knowledge, proven experience, and creative tools.”

Inherent in this statement is the fact that in order to achieve the above, the client needs assistance in a variety of areas; including but not limited to the following:

  • Accounting and taxation;
  • Bookkeeping;
  • Insurance (life, disability, group health and general liability);
  • Investment counseling;
  • Legal matters and corporate services;
  • Placement agencies and;
  • Training agencies.

Part of our role as the Wealth Builders, is to ensure that our client’s needs are clearly identified, so they have the proper services at the proper time; without any hidden nonsense.

Throughout our business endeavors and our unyielding devotion as the Wealth Builders, we have developed solid business relationships with various carefully screened agencies. Creating the ability to provide unsurpassed accounting and financial services as well as necessary referrals which, ensures our client’s receive the variety services they need to succeed.

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