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CPA Training Office

We are an accredited Chartered Professional Accountant(“CPA”) training office!

Your journey to obtaining your designation is a huge milestone in your career. We want to help smooth out the bumps over the course of the journey.

As employers we have a responsibility to provide you with the nessecary tools as well as a safe comfortable environment to complete your work.  We believe the best type of environment is a close community of like minded individual helping eachother to succeed.

As members of the pre-approved program, we are committed to the following responsibilities:

  1. Maintain senior-level ownership of the program by appointing a pre-approved program leader(s) directly from
  2. Provide a working environment that prepares future CPAs to become certified CPAs by providing supervision, guidance and instruction on practical ethical issues through on-the-job training and progress reviews.
  3. Offer structured training positions which provide a sufficient range of progressively complex assignments and increasing responsibility to allow future CPAs to achieve the required practical experience in the technical and enabling competencies within 30 months of employment.
  4. Ensure future CPAs are documenting their developing competencies in the profession’s online reporting tool (PERT).
  5. Provide a supervisor and CPA mentor for all future CPAs within the program.
  6. Provide time away from the office for future CPAs to write any weekday examinations.
  7.  more….

Benefits of the pre-approved program

  • Efficiency. There are significantly fewer reporting requirements in the pre-approved program for future CPAs and their employers than in the verification route for organizations that regularly hire future CPAs.
  • Certainty. Practical experience is completed within 30 months (24-months in Quebec).
  • Oversight. Your organization has control over who is in the program.
  • Recruitment. The program can act as a powerful recruitment tool for hiring future CPAs.
  • Cost. There is no direct cost to obtain and maintain approval status.
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Want to know about our training procedures?

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