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Industry standard for hiring

What is the industry standard for hiring?

In the accounting industry, it is common for firms to start employment at the beginning of the year. To facilitate this, firms will begin the recruitment process in the fall and continue until the end of the previous year. During the recruitment process, human resources departments are given a rough number(quota) of the number of positions that need to be filled. Coincidentally, during this time of year, accounting organizations (Such as Chartered Professional Accountants(“CPA”) of Alberta) will have hiring fairs such as CPA meet your employer.

Accounting and tax professional hiring fairs

At these fairs, prospective hires will be able to ask firms a variety of questions. The majority of these questions relate to the work-life balance of the firm. Additionally, individuals considering becoming or are involved in the CPA accreditation process, are concerned with the support offered by the firms to help on their journey of becoming a CPA.

Most accounting firms try their best to promote the success of their employees. To help their employees achieve success, firms offer a range in resouces (See CPA Training office for services we offer).

Accounting firms attending these hiring fairs will seek out individuals that they believe will fit into their culture. For individuals thinking of pursuing the CPA designation, firms will consider the likelihood of you completing their designation.
Once you are hired, you will typically start within the new year at a low-level data entry job (Assuming you have little to no experience). This is typically where you learn skills such as bookkeeping as it relates to specific clients. Often firms will discourage you from beginning your CPA articling immediately because tax season is about to start or has started. It is widely understood in the accounting industry, that performing work activities and schooling during the tax season is difficult and very time demanding (Regular work activities are typically expanded and work hours adjusted to accommodate the increase).

Tax season

During the tax season, is where many new hires will reconsider their opportunities and quit. This is why accounting firms will hire a large number of individuals(quota). As such, we see drop out rates in the program increased during the season. Typically, the individuals that last the tax season will be promoted from low-level data entry jobs into a specific department(If they haven’t been already). Within these departments, resources such as colleagues at higher skill levels will be more readily available.

We do it differently!

We believe that each individual has the full potential to complete their CPA designation. If you give the necessary attention and resources to every team member from the beginning, their chances of success are much greater! Therefore, we do not see as many dropouts during the tax season or throughout the year.

We believe that individual successes pave the way for firm successes. This belief translates to fostering an environment where our graduates stay will us after completing their designation. Therefore, our hiring requirements are not similar to the industry. Instead, we create a bank of resumes and initiate the recruitment process when there is a demand.

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