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2017 Personal Tax Return Reminder & Forms


Dear personal tax clients,
The following documents all require your attention:

Please read the engagement letter carefully and follow the instructions.  You can drop off, email, courier or upload your documents to the portal and we will complete the tax returns on a first come first serve basis. Note that only complete information will be marked received and added to the queue for preparation therefore, please review the checklist to ensure your information is complete before it is submitted to us.

We will send you a draft for your review & approval.  If you have any questions, please email your questions to Due to the high volume of engagements at this time of year, email is the best way to communicate with our office.   Once we have your approval and each tax return & engagement letter, and T183 is signed, we will file your returns electronically.

We will be open Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm beginning Saturday March 3, 2018 & ending Saturday May 6, 2018. Our regular office hours are Mondays to Fridays 8:00am to 5:00pm; however, we can make arrangements for you to come in after hours.  Contact the administrative staff to arrange an appointment.

Administrative staff will prepare your final package and take your payment.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, debit, cheques and email transfers.


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Team Lead – Shelley Chan, CPA
Team Manager – John Wakulich, CA
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Further Detail and Explanation for Select Checklist Items

A. Personal Information (Mandatory)

This section is mandatory and must be filled out by all individuals engaging NCCA to prepare their 2017 personal income tax return.

B. Tax Information (Check all that apply)

Medical Expenses
i You can claim medical expenses for you and any dependant persons. See CRA’s website for a complete list of eligible medical expenses.

Home Accessibility Tax Credit
i Certain expenditures (up to $10,000) may be eligible for a tax credit if made in relation to a renovation or alteration of your home to enhance mobility or reduce the rsik of harm for an individual who is either, eligible for the Disability Tax Credit, or 65 years of age or older at December 31, 2017. Examples of eligible expenditures include amounts relating to wheelchair ramps, walk-in bathtubs, wheel-in showers and grab bars.

Eligible Educator School Supply Tax Credit
i If you are a teacher or early childhood educator, please provide receipts (up to $1,000) for eligible school supplies purchased in the year. An eligible supply used or consumed in the school or regulated child care facility in the performance of your employment. Supplies include consumable goods such as construction paper, flashcards, items for science experiments, art supplies, and stationary items, and durable goods limited to games, puzzles, books, containers and educational support software. Please also provide a certification from your employer attesting to the eligible supplies expense.

Tuition Fees
provide tuition fees for both FT and PT courses for your or a dependant including mandatory ancillary fees, and Forms T2202, TL11A, B, C and D where applicable (note that the federal education and textbook tax credits have been eliminated for 2017).

You owned foreign property
includes cash, stocks, trust, partnerships, real estate, tangible and intangible property, contingent interest, convertible property, etc.
For property held in an account with a Canadian securities dealer or Canadian trust company – provide the country for each investment, fair market value of the investments at each month-end, income or loss, and gain/loss on disposition of the property.

You qualify for the Northern Residents Deduction – provide completed Form T2222.
You qualify if you have lived on a permanent basis, in a prescribed northern zone (Zone A) or a prescrimbed intermediate zone (Zone B) for a continuous period of at least six consecutive months. Prescribed zones can be found on CRA’s website.

You have Internet Business Activities, please provide:
a) the number and address of webpages or websites that your business generates income from. If you have more than 5, provide the 5 that generate the most income, and,
b) the percentage of income generated from the Internet (if you do not know the exact percentage, provide an estimate).
According to CRA, Internet business activities include any activity where you earn income from your webpage, websites, or Apps. Information only webpages and websites like directories or ads will not generally trigger this information requirement.

C. Questions to Answer

If you have children up to the age of 17, have you received the Canada Child Benefit (CCB)?
The CCB is an income tested benefit and therefore may not be provided to certain higher income individuals who previously received the Universal Child Care Benefit which ceased in mid-2016

Did you incur costs to access medical intervention required in order to conceive a child which was not previously allowed as a medical expense? 
Amounts may be claimed in respect of any such expense for the previous 10 years (if amounts were incurred in 2007, a claim must be made by the end of 2017).

D. Other – Learn More

1. Installments required for 2018? Sign up for CRA’s Pre-Authorized Debit Arrangement.
This is an online service-payment option which authorizes CRA to withdraw a pre-determined payment amount directly from a bank account on a specific date to pay taxes. This may help avoid penalties on late and/or missing in installment payments.

4. NEW! CRA Online Services – Account Alerts – receive alerts on changes or new mail from CRA.
Individuals can register with CRA to be notified by email when CRA’s record of an individual’s address has changed, banking information for direct deosit has changed, or if mail sent by CRA was returned.

5. NEW! CRA Online Services – Link between CRA’s My Account and My Service Canada Account.
Individuals can now access these two accounts through a single sign-in session. When switching between Accounts, users must authorize their SIN to be transmitted to the other department. My Service Canada administers a number of programs such a Employment Insurance, Old Age Security, Guaranteed Income Supplement and Canada Pension Plan.

CRA Direct Deposit
Click here for more information and instruction on how to enroll in Direct Deposit with CRA.

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