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A bold prediction for the upcoming budget

A bold prediction for the upcoming budget

A bold prediction for the upcoming budget — more debt: Neil Macdonald

Source: CBC News
Author: Neil Macdonald

I’m going to confidently make a few predictions about next week’s federal budget.

It will bang on, as usual, about helping the middle class and “those working hard to join it,” meaning people who vote Liberal and those the government hopes can be persuaded to vote Liberal.

The government will redistribute wealth in order to win re-election.

It will make a big fuss of creating a “gender-equality framework,” much of which, one suspects, will just be happy Trudeau-era prattle.

By the federal government’s own reckoning, it pays men nearly nine per cent more than women.

Now, I’m just guessing, but I suspect next week’s budget won’t correct that; the solution is just too expensive, unless of course the government adopts a solution like gangster-industrialist Tommy Shelby’s in Peaky Blinders. Faced with a union demand for pay equity, Shelby proposed increasing women’s wages by five shillings and cutting men’s wages five shillings, thereby instantly eliminating the ten-shilling gap (the union called a strike).

And, of course, the government will increase the national debt, probably by $20 billion or so. That is an absolute certainty.

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