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Calgary woman loses $10K to fraudster

Calgary woman loses $10K to fraudster

Calgary woman loses $10K to fraudster demanding tax payment in cryptocurrency

Source: Calgary Sun
Author: Bryan Passifiume

Sick to her stomach.

That’s how a Calgary woman felt when she realized she’d been taken for $10,500 by scammers posing as Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) officials — demanding immediate payment to avoid a trip to jail.

When Linda Levovnik answered her phone Feb. 26, she unwittingly fell victim to a sinister new twist on an old scam: the only way to get back into the law’s good graces was to tender payment in bitcoin, a digital currency that relies on an encrypted online ledger called a blockchain to verify and route transactions between two people.

First gaining public notoriety for its use in online black markets and illicit transactions on the dark net, bitcoin has found favour with mainstream users in recent years for everything from day-to-day transactions and commodity investing.

The first of its kind, bitcoin is now just one of many cryptocurrencies in use on the internet today.

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Protect yourself against fraud!

When the CRA contacts you they will never:

  1. Ask for personal information by email or text message.
  2. Request payment by prepaid credit card, wire transfer or cryptocurrency.
  3. Share your tax information with another person or organization unless you agree that it can be shared.
  4. Leave personal information on an answering machines.
  5. Threaten or use nasty language.
  6. Threaten arrest or to send police.

For more information please visit: and read the Canada Revenue’s Page on on how to recognize a scan and protect yourself against fraud.






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