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Canada Revenue Agency gets C- Rating for Phone Service

Canada Revenue Agency gets C- Rating for Phone Service

The Canada Revenue Agency(CRA) Business Helpline call center has been awarded a grade of C-Minus for the second straight time.


The Canadian Federation of Independent Business(CFIB) had conducted an independent evaluation of the services using the secret shopper technique. Over the course of June and July 2016 CFIB conducted 224 calls to CRA. Once a CRA representative was reached, each CFIB called asked four standardized questions.

  • Accountability (A+)

    • CRA representatives are required to tell you their name and ID number. In the past, CRA representatives often missed providing these details. CRA has worked hard to train their employees to provide this detail upon answering the phone call. As such. there was an increase in accountability from individual CRA representatives.
  • Connecting to an Agent (F)

    • Only 30% of the phone calls made reached a CRA representative . Most of the time these calls where reject with busy signals. The 2012 evaluation rendered a better result of only 50% of the calls reaching a CRA representative.
  • Wait Time (B+)

    • If the call was accepted by CRA, a caller was waiting online for an average of two minutes before speaking to a CRA representative.
  • Accuracy of Information (D)

    • Although, the accountability of the individual CRA representatives increased, they were often too quick to answer resulting in only 69% of inquiries with correct and complete answers. Sadly, CRA has shown a decrease in this area since the 2012 survey.
  • Agent Professionalism (C-)

    • The evaluation showed that while the majority of the CRA representatives cared and attempted to provide full complete answers some simply didn’t care and provided inaccurate and incomplete answers.  Another downwards trend from the 2012 evaluation where CRA received a C+.

Our experience with CRA

Our experience with CRA and their representatives is very similar to the findings of CFIB. Although, we find that when you do not deal with simple standardized questions waiting times, agent professional and accuracy of information tend to fall. It is suggested that every business owner register for My Business Account at


For more information, check out the detailed CRA report card published by CFIB


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