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Canadians believe Ottawa is getting it wrong

Canadians believe Ottawa is getting it wrong

Source: The Globe and Mail

The federal government’s own internal surveys found Canadians believe Ottawa is getting it “wrong” on deficits and spending, but that didn’t stop the Liberals from releasing a third consecutive deficit budget with no timeline for balancing the books.

The Finance Department also tested Canadians’ appetite for a national sugar tax, but the Liberal budget ultimately took a pass on the controversial proposal for tackling obesity.

The fact that Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s Feb. 27 budget contained no timeline for returning to balanced budgets was one of the biggest sources of criticism the minister faced.

 Mr. Morneau’s department hired Quorus Consulting Group to conduct a mix of focus groups and phone surveys over the summer and fall of 2017. A final report is dated Nov. 24, 2017, and it was recently made public under federal disclosure rules.

The 2018 budget focused on gender equality in the work force and increased funding for scientific research. It also devoted relatively small amounts of new spending to a large number of areas, including regional development, addressing opioid abuse and increased funding for Canada’s spy agencies.

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