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Cannabis and Travel to the US

Cannabis and Travel to the US

Five Things You Should Know – Cannabis and Travel to the US

Source: Moodys Gartner Tax Law
Authors:  R. Oliver Branch JD and Jeff Hergott

It’s no secret that perceptions and laws regarding cannabis have changed significantly in recent years, with medicinal and adult use becoming legal in some form or another in Canada and many states in the US.

While travel to the US a couple of decades ago was easily accomplished with a Canadian driver’s license, the level of scrutiny and culture at the border have changed significantly. It is imperative, now more than ever, that travelers to the US obtain qualified legal advice to ensure that all risks specific to the traveler are addressed proactively.

Below are five things you should know regarding cannabis and travel to the US:

Canada and the United States Treat Cannabis Differently

Although medicinal and/or adult use of cannabis has been legalized in many jurisdictions for a number of years, a marked growing disparity exists in the treatment of cannabis users and cannabis-related business owners and investors by authorities in Canada and the US.

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