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CRA executives pocket $35,000 a year in performance pay

CRA executives pocket $35,000 a year in performance pay

Top CRA executives pocket $35,000 a year in performance pay

Source: CBC News
Author: Elizabeth Thompson

Top executives at the Canada Revenue Agency have been taking home substantially more performance pay than executives in other government departments, CBC News has learned.

An analysis of numbers provided by the CRA reveals that officials in the EX-4 and EX-5 categories — the top two tiers — have been receiving twice as much “at risk” pay than the average awarded other federal government executives.

While the top average “at risk” pay for all levels of executives in the rest of the public service for 2015/16 was $18,000, CRA’s top executives pocketed an average of $35,000.

While most government executives are eligible for both “at risk” pay and bonuses, CRA’s executive performance pay system only provides for the one category of “at risk” pay.

When average “at risk” pay and bonuses are combined, the top two tiers of CRA executives still outpaced their colleagues in other departments that year by 33 per cent.

However, Karl Lavoie, spokesman for the Canada Revenue Agency, said the performance pay awarded to the two top levels of CRA executives should not be compared with overall averages for executives in the public service.

“A fairer and accurate approach would have been to compare the CRA’s whole executive cadre (EX-01 to EX-05) with that of the public service,” Lavoie said in an email to CBC News.

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