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CRA eyes secure new way to access services

CRA eyes secure new way to access services

CRA eyes new, digitally secure way to access services

Source: City News
Author: Jordan Press

Canada’s tax agency has quietly tested a new way for Canadians to log in to their online accounts that should make it easier for Canadians to access government services while keeping would-be crooks out.

The new system could also be pushed into the private sector as the government and banks look to reduce the chances of identity fraud.

The online security company SecureKey and the CRA spent five months last year testing a service called Verified.Me that will allow government agencies and banks to share information securely and allow them to verify your identity quickly when you try to log in to their sites.

The system would also let a citizen walking into a government services office confirm their identity even if they forget the right documents at home.

The service won’t be in place in time for this year’s tax season because both the government and the company have more work to do.

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