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CRA: Final Update to COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

CRA: Final Update to COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan

Update: National COVID-19 Business Continuity Plan – June 16, 2020

Source: CRA
Date: June 16, 2020

“This is the final update to the National BCP and the Agency will transition from operating under a critical services mode to a business resumption mode on June 26, 2020.”

“…the Agency is currently working on the National Business Resumption Plan (NBRP) that maps out the initial steps and the projected phases towards full business resumption. This plan works through the stages of the resumption of various program and corporate activities and operations that did not resume during the Agency’s critical service phase. It is important to note that working towards full business resumption and capacity for the Agency will be measured in months, not days. We will be sharing more information on the NBRP with you next week.”

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