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CRA to Discontinue Form T1013

CRA to Discontinue Form T1013


As of February 10, 2020, Form T1013, will no longer be available. E-Filers will no longer need to use the T1013.

What is the T1013?

Form T1013 is an authorization form that allows a representative to access your CRA account. The form also determined the access rights of the representative accessing your CRA account. In addition, Form T1013 could also cancel the access of a representative of your CRA account.

How can I authorize a representative?

Representatives can request access to your CRA account when they EFILE particular tax returns (Such as T1 for personal and T2 for corporate). This gives the representative instant access to your CRA accounts. Giving representative access to your CRA account speeds up our interactions with CRA and allows us to offer a better service to you.

How can I cancel a representative?

Representatives can be canceled at any time through their online CRA accounts.
For businesses, register and log-in for My Bussiness Account.
For Individuals, register and log-in for My Account for Individuals.
We highly recommend registering for the CRA accounts.