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credit card customer refunded almost $7,500

credit card customer refunded almost $7,500

Credit card customer refunded almost $7,500

Some people charged for credit card insurance they didn’t sign up for are getting big refunds

Source: CBC News
Author: Yvonne Colbert

It’s not every day a bank refunds thousands of dollars, but that’s what’s happening for some people who checked their credit card statements after reading a CBC story about credit card insurance in early February.

“My jaw hit the floor,” Toronto resident Allison Brown wrote in an email to CBC.

Brown is one of 13 people who have contacted CBC in the past three months to report they’ve been refunded a combined total of more than $50,000.

Credit card insurance is a product banks market as a way to help with credit card payments if a person loses their job or gets sick, but some customers have said they were signed up without their knowledge.

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