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Dont Let The Liberal Budget Bury Your Rights

Dont Let The Liberal Budget Bury Your Rights

Don’t Let The Liberals’ Budget Bury Your Rights In The Fine Print

Source: The Huffington Post

Attached to the federal government’s 2018-19 budget is a 78-page annex. While few people will ever read this document, it contains an unusual provision, one you wouldn’t normally expect to see included in ordinary budget documents.

This provision creates a legal mechanism to share the confidential tax information of Canadians with more than three dozen foreign governments, including the U.S., Russia and China.
Under current law before the provisions of the new budget go into effect, our government’s ability to share is limited to cooperating with international investigations by releasing tax information. However, it is still available in particular circumstances.

The Canada Revenue Agency can aid foreign governments in their investigation of crimes by sharing confidential tax information in response to a request — but this only applies to the crime of tax evasion. They cannot do so for other criminal activity, such as terrorism, money laundering or drug dealing.

This new provision hopes to remedy that.

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