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Forget weed, Liberals need to fix our economic mess

Forget weed, Liberals need to fix our economic mess

NP View: Enough about weed. The Liberals need to fix our economic mess—fast

Source: National Post

The federal government has understandably had its hands full in recent months. The legalization of cannabis was one major public policy file that was consuming a lot of energy, the NAFTA renegotiation another. Now that these issues are largely behind us, the government is able to tackle other pressing issues. And not a moment too soon.

Sen. Doug Black, of Alberta, persuasively argued in the Financial Post this week why a top priority must now be repairing Canada’s seriously damaged global competitiveness. Good-news stories about cannabis jobs springing up in once-moribund small towns and the sincere relief at a new NAFTA deal should not obscure a far more serious economic story. As the senator notes, “investors are fleeing the country. Major energy projects are dead or dying. It’s not just money leaving Canada … businesses and individuals are heading south in favour of a warmer investment climate.”

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