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Free Pass for Foreign Oil

Free Pass for Foreign Oil



The Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) released documents obtained from the federal government through Access to Information that show foreign oil is getting a free emissions pass from the federal government – one that is costing taxpayers billions of dollars.

In August 2017, the federal government decided to change the rules halfway through the Energy East pipeline review by requiring the project to go through an “upstream and downstream emissions review.” TransCanada cancelled the project soon after the federal announcement.

The CTF then filed Access to Information requests with the federal government, and has discovered that foreign oil imported into Canada will not be subjected to a similar review.

“Ottawa is holding Canadian oil to a higher standard than foreign oil that is imported to Canada,” said CTF Alberta Director Colin Craig. “The situation is insane. By putting up roadblocks in front of Canadian oil companies, governments are literally losing out on billions in lost tax revenues.”

2014 report by the Canadian Energy Research Institute noted the Energy East project would have contributed $7.6 billion in tax revenues, including $3.5 billion in federal revenues – money that could have been used to help pay for government services or pay down debt.

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