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Gatecrashers and a run on the Crown Royal

Gatecrashers and a run on the Crown Royal

Gatecrashers and a run on the Crown Royal: The other screw-ups on Trudeau’s India trip

Source: National Post
Author: Christie Blatchford

There were even more gaffes on that infamous trip to India last month by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau than previously reported.

As if the widely denigrated extended photo-op tour, and the inclusion of a convicted terrorist on some invitation lists wasn’t bad enough, the National Post has learned of a ruckus at the gates of the Canadian High Commissioner’s residence during the tour and further reports of MPs in the prime minister’s entourage posing with a former politician with unsavoury connections. Beyond that, the trip was a complete disappointment from the perspective of some of those keen to make business connections — “just a mess,” says a disappointed businessman who was there.

The atmosphere at the reception at the residence of Nadir Patel, the Canadian High Commissioner to India, was more like “spring break” than a formal diplomatic party, according to one attendee, who said there was so much heavy drinking that the bar ran out of Crown Royal within the first hour.

Two eyewitnesses invited to the reception, both of whom requested their names not be used, say there was also a brouhaha at the gates of the residence, when a group of young Sikh men poured out of a couple of cars and charged past those in the lineup.

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