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Hutterites deserve fair treatment

Hutterites deserve fair treatment

Hutterites deserve fair treatment from the taxman: Senator Tannas

Source: Senate of Canada
Author: Scott Tannas

What makes Canada such a great country runs deeper than the prosperity we enjoy. It’s the way this country, since its earliest years, learned to accommodate diverse ways of life so that all might live as they so desire in peace.

This Canadian tradition of tolerance stems from struggles for religious freedom led by Christian reformist movements in Germany centuries ago. How ironic that the Canadian government has now turned its back on descendants of these very people.

I’m talking about the Hutterite community — 40,000 of whom live in rural colonies throughout the Canadian prairies, mostly as farmers. Hutterites are farmers who belong to a religious community of Anabaptists, adherents to 16th-century Reformation theology. When the first Hutterites came to Canada from Russia in the late 19th century after centuries of religious persecution in Eastern Europe, they settled in what’s now Alberta and Saskatchewan. Today, members of the religious community, still farm the land and they own their property communally.

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