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Investing in pot could pose problems at the US border

Investing in pot could pose problems at the US border


Why investing in pot could pose problems at the U.S. border

Source: CTV News
Author: Jackie Dunham

With the impending legalization of recreational marijuana this fall, Canadians with investments in American pot companies will have to be careful crossing the U.S. border following the news that one prominent businessman was banned for life.

Sam Znaimer is a prominent venture capitalist in Vancouver who started investing in budding U.S. cannabis startup companies a few years ago.

In May, Znaimer was trying to travel to the States when he was stopped by border officials. During the questioning, he said he was never asked about his personal consumption of the drug, which is legal in several U.S. states, but not federally. Instead, Znaimer said Homeland Security interrogated him about his investments.

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