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Stagnating productivity hits Canadian small business

Stagnating productivity hits Canadian small business

Canada’s ‘stagnating productivity’ has hit small business

Source: Financial Post
Author: Jesse Snyder

A messy tangle of regulatory requirements continues to weigh on the private sector in Canada, part of a broader dislocation between provinces that falls particularly heavily on smaller firms, one business association says.

“There are some market distortions that need to be dealt with,” said Ted Mallett, vice-president and chief economist at the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, which represents over 110,000 firms.

The comments are in line with long-standing complaints made by various small businesses and their representatives, who say that the administrative burdens tied to moving goods within Canadian borders are becoming increasingly onerous.

Policy failures come in addition to a complicated tax regime that is difficult for small businesses to navigate. Small companies tend to be more burdened by added administrative costs than larger ones, Mallett said.

The CFIB was particularly critical of a move by Canada’s Finance department last year to limit some tax breaks for small businesses, and has suggested Canada instead focus on a broader market reform to reduce administrative costs across the board.

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