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Stopping the Tax Grab of the Century

Stopping the Tax Grab of the Century

Stopping the Tax Grab of the Century

Potentially the Income Tax Grab of the Century

Our current Minster of Finance along with the Liberal Government have proposed changes to the Canadian Income Tax Act that are going to significantly raise taxes for middle class Canadians and local businesses. The proposed measures will have a negative impact on entrepreneurs, independent contractors, and general small business owners.

For more information on the proposed changes, please see our August 15, 2017 post.

We strongly suggest that you contact your member of parliament and give them your feedback with respect to the above changes. Now is the time to for action.

Contacting Your Local MP

  1. Copy the letter below into an email, or draft an email that addresses your concerns.
  2. Find your MP’s contact info by visiting this link and entering your postal code.
    You may also choose to include our Prime Minister ( and the Minister of Finance ( as recipients.
  3. Update the letter with your MP’s name and email address.
  4. Send the email to your MP.
  5. Pass this information along to anyone you know who will be affected by these changes.

**** begin sample letter **************************************************************

Dear {insert your MP}:

I have been educating myself about the new tax legislation proposed by the Federal Government on July 18th, 2017, and I am deeply concerned. The proposals are essentially punitive to small businesses – the lifeblood of the Canadian economy. I don’t believe that tax-grabs from Canadian families of up to 93% are fair.

These proposals will compel many small business owners to close or relocate their operations from Canada. They will kill jobs in our community. I’m worried that the loss of Canada’s brightest talent, including doctors, engineers, and tech entrepreneurs, will cause lasting harm to our economy.

  • Are small businesses valuable to the Canadian economy?
  • Does starting a business entail considerable risks and costs?
  • Why should businesses take those risks?
  • Do tax policies change behavior? And tax policies of alternative countries?
  • In a punitive business environment, where will productive employment come from?
  • With the prospect of 60%-110% tax rates, why would a business choose to grow in Canada?

The seriousness of these proposals will weigh in on my vote in 2019. I implore you to represent these concerns for the sake of our country. Each day that passes under the threat of these proposals wreaks more damage to businesses.

These articles (and many others) raise valid concerns from experts and those affected:


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