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Suzuki scores big with Calgary teachers

Suzuki scores big with Calgary teachers

Bell: Suzuki scores big with Calgary teachers

Source: The Sun
Author: Rick Bell

They applaud. In the end, the teachers stand and applaud. First, a few stand and then some stand and then many stand. Not all. No, not all.

But more than I’d ever think. For David Suzuki.

I do not stand or applaud. All I could think of is the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion, the one B.C. is fighting even though it’s been given the green light by Ottawa. The one that’s stalled.

There are no other press. One teacher in the hallway asks me why I want to see David Suzuki. He seems to think Suzuki wouldn’t say anything I’d want to hear.

Don’t know where he got that idea.

It takes Suzuki a while to get warmed up but Suzuki is being Suzuki. You buy the ticket, you take the ride. His speaking fee is usually $30,000 to $50,000 a pop.

What is the lesson for this day?

Suzuki tells the teachers “very, very difficult” action is important right now.

If Canada wants to live up to its green commitments signed by Trudeau then 80% to 85% of fossil fuel reserves have to be left in the ground.

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