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Taxed green tomatoes

Taxed green tomatoes

Taxed green tomatoes

Source: Toronto Sun
Author: Pierre Poilievre

Tomato farmer Bob Mitchell, owner of Ottawa-based SunTech Greenhouses, is more concerned with practice.

He releases CO2 into his greenhouse to encourage better production. The federal government charges carbon tax on that CO2 even though none goes into the atmosphere.

That tax — along with the McGuinty-Wynne government’s decision to double electricity rates to subsidize unreliable and unneeded windmills and solar panels — inflated the farmer’s energy costs so much it became more expensive for Ottawa customers to buy his tomatoes than Mexican ones.

Why? Mexico has only a tiny carbon tax; only a fraction of Canada’s. But it’s tomatoes must travel by truck and train — polluting all the way through North America on their way to grocery stores in the nation’s capital.

None of that foreign transportation pollution is subject to the Canadian carbon tax either.

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