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The CRA Is Broken

The CRA Is Broken

Take It From A Tax Lawyer: The Canada Revenue Agency Is Broken

Source: The Huffington Post
Author: David J. Rotfleisch Canadian Tax Lawyer, Rotfleisch & Samulovitch PC

have been a Canadian tax lawyer for almost 30 years. Being a tax lawyer is not as sexy as being a famous criminal defense lawyer like Brian Greenspan or Marie Heinen. For the most part, I toil in the tax trenches and fight with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) officials.

 Having dealings with CRA for three decades, you form an opinion on the caliber of the people, the quality of the work being done, the management and the organization’s overall effectiveness.

I wish I had good news for Canadian taxpayers.

y experience has been that CRA staff are unreasonable. Some tax audits seem like make-work projects or a game of “chicken,” but the problem in many cases comes down to lack of training or plain smug behaviour. Too often, the CRA creates problems rather than solving them.

 There have been articles about CRA’s systemic problems with their call centers, with various employees giving taxpayers wrong information and blocking 50 per cent of calls.

The issues of inadequate training compounded with ample attitude are worse now than 20 years ago. I was speaking to a colleague who had complained about this to a senior CRA official. His response was that CRA expects tax lawyers and accountants to help train their people.

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