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The spouses behind Canadian small businesses

The spouses behind Canadian small businesses

It’s time to celebrate, not slight, the spouses behind Canadian small businesses: CFIB

Source: CFIB
Author: Dan Kelly

With an elementary-school-age son, a heavy workload and an often unpredictable travel schedule, I know that I would be lost if I didn’t have a tremendously supportive and understanding spouse (who balances her own full-time work schedule). If asked, I’m sure many working Canadians would report the same.

But for independent business owners, a spouse or partner is something even more.

Running a small business can mean shouldering the burdens and celebrating the payoffs of hard work without colleagues or professional mentors to lean on. Spouses and family members of small business owners frequently become not only their biggest cheerleaders, but also their closest professional partners, in both formal and informal ways.

A majority of small business owners – more than two thirds – employ family members, according to a 2016 CFIB member survey. A separate survey found that more than half of small businesses compensate the owners’ spouses for their contributions to the business – often through a salary, dividends or some combination of both.

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