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[Video] OK Oil & Gas

[Video] OK Oil & Gas

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  1. Adrian Nagy
    Adrian Nagy 4 months ago

    Looks like déjà vu—sounds just like Western Canada
    Our leaders can take a lesson form this video
    There are always, at least two sides to every issue.
    Our P&N industry, is at the leading edge and has provided wealth to the Prairie Economies and Eastern Canada (Quebec), it is interesting to note that;
    -Quebec is against a new national west to east pipeline;
    – is willing to take multiple billions of dollars from Western Canada in equalization payments (which come primarily from the P&N industry taxation);
    -Quebec imports the majority of its P&N products by ship (up the Saint Lawrence Seaway0 and yet this is not being mentioned by the press very much
    -Quebec is importing oil (19%) from countries like Venezuela, and the likes, it receives 37% of its P&N products from United States, while 44% comes from Western Canada (based on National Observer’s figures November 13, 2018))
    – Canada imports over 350,000 bpd of oil from Russia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East, transported by tanker from overseas into Quebec, Ontario and East Coast refineries.(Oil sands Magazine June 11, 2015)
    – Ontario gets all its foreign oil from the United States Almost half of all raw bitumen produced was sent for upgrading in Alberta last year, according to Natural Resources Canada. Meanwhile, Ontario sources the majority of its oil domestically, and all its imported oil comes from the United States.Based on the National Observer’s November 13, 2018 figures)Nov 13, 2018
    -the St Lawrence Seaway is encountering whale deaths due to marine traffic 17 reported in 2017, none in 2018 and 5 so far in 2019 of which two have been attributed to
    Being struck by ships (National Post June 26, 2019)

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