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What You Need To About CERB Benefit Ending

What You Need To About CERB Benefit Ending

The CERB benefit is over — here’s what you need to know now

Source: CBC News 
Author: Kathleen Harris
Date: September 29, 2020

Now that the Canada emergency response benefit (CERB) has wound down, people who are still jobless are eligible for other federal financial supports to help get them through the next phase of the pandemic.

Most people who were collecting CERB will automatically transition to EI, which will provide a taxable benefit of at least $500 a week, or $300 a week for extended parental benefits. EI claimants are eligible for at least 26 weeks.

EI recipients are eligible at the end of the first two weeks they’re out of work.

Recipients must make “reasonable and ongoing job search efforts” while receiving EI. Those efforts can include reaching out to employers, preparing a resume or cover letter, registering and searching job banks and submitting job applications.

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