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Privacy Policy


This privacy statement applies to NCCA Chartered Professional Accountants (“NCCA“). If you, hereinafter referred to as the “visitor”, access this website (“NCCA website”) and choose to register, submit information, or anything that could compromise your privacy or identity to NCCA via the website, you agree to the use of such data in accordance to rules and guidelines outlined in this privacy statement. Please note that the NCCA website contains content from other websites as well as links to other websites, including but not limited to websites managed by NCCA‘s affiliates, this content and links are not governed by this privacy statement. Also note that NCCA has the right to use third parties to host all, a portion of, or assist in the maintenance of the content provided within the NCCA website.

If you have any problems with the privacy statement please do not hesitate to contact us.

Information Collection

As a visitor of the NCCA website you do not need to submit personal information. You are not required nor will you be forced to submit any personal identifiable information, in order to use the functions of the NCCA website, unless it is specifically or voluntarily surrendered by the visitor. Such information may consist of, but not limited to, the visitor’s name, current job title, address, and other visitor contact information. As a general rule, sensitive information will not be collected from visitors via the NCCA website. We will obtain and use sensitive information from visitors, where necessary, with visitor’s explicit consent and understanding.

Information Use

Personally identifiable or sensitive information submitted via the NCCA website is strictly used for limited purposes. These purposes may include, but are not limited to, contacting the visitor, manage our relationship with the visitor, inquiries, and creation of a personal account, in an effort to provide the visitor with the information we believe would interest them. In addition, the webmaster, may or may not use the visitor’s submitted information for various internal site related tasks. The visitor may, at any time, remove the information they have willingly supplied to the NCCA website.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

Personally identifiable or sensitive information submitted via the NCCA website may be made available to third parties. This information will be made available for the purpose of processing and or related to the hosting of all or part of the NCCA website. As a general rule, this information will not be submitted to third parties, wherever necessary, explicit disclosure will be given at the point of collection. Personally identifiable information may be transferred across international borders for the purposes mentioned above. The receiving country may not have protection rules similar to those in effect in your country of residence. With the willing submission of data to the NCCA website you agree to such transfers. Whenever appropriate, personally identifiable information can be disclosed to governmental or regulatory agencies, law enforcement, or third parties where necessary or desirable to comply with legal or regulatory obligations and requests or for the purposes identified above.

Security of Information

NCCA is extremely concerned with the safety of your personally identifiable information. Protection of such information is a high priority therefore we have taken reasonable commercial standards of technology and internal and external operational security mechanisms all designed to safe hold the information provided by the visitor from unauthorized third party access.

User Profiles

Visitors may access and review their personally identifiable information they have submitted to NCCA website and correct any inaccuracies by accessing their user profile. Within the visitor’s profile the visitor may change details or delete the profile itself at any time. In all cases NCCA treats the requests to access or change information in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

If a visitor has any problems with their profile we strongly encourage them to contact us.

Changes to the Privacy Statement

NCCA reserves the right to change the contents of the privacy statement at any time. Nothing within this privacy statement is meant to create a contract or agreement between the visitor or visitors, NCCA, or other NCCA website visitors.

If you have any problems with the privacy policy please contact us

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