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Trust Audits

NCCA is pleased to provide lawyers with services targeted at fulfilling the requirements surrounding regulation of legal professions in Alberta, such as Trust Safety.


To address concerns about rising threats to the security of trust funds new control
measures have been established surrounding the regulatory structure of trust property.

The new program is designed to:

  1. Provide clear guidance to ensure the proper creation and maintenance of accounting procedures
  2. Ensure lawyers maintain safe and effective accounting procedures
  3. Maintain a high level of public confidence in the safety of property entrusted to lawyers in Alberta

All law firms holding money in trust are required by law to have an accounting firm review and report on their financial records and procedures.

NCCA is a recognized firm already fulfilling this requirement for many lawyers.

Getting Started

All law firms are required to file a Self Report (even if they do not operate a trust account) with one month of their designated filing date and an Accountant’s Report is due within four months.To get NCCA started on your Accountant’s Report contact us atleast one month before your designated filing date. To begin audit measures NCCA will need copies of reconciled monthly bank man-journalstatements, a seperate cash reciepts book, as well as trust journals and the corresponding original reciepts.

Our staff is professional, client service oriented, hands on, with strong and varied industry backgrounds. The demographics of the firm are combination of professionals, articling students, technicians and support staff. The combination of various positions within our firm allows us to quickly and accurately identify our clients’ needs, wants and desires and present our clients with the tools they need to succeed.

For more information on what is required for trust safety visit The Law Society of Alberta’s website.

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